Invited Speaker: Advances of Sub-micron Particle Technologies for Consumer and Industrial Applications

Fanwen Zenga, Morris Willsa, Keith Harrisb, Kathy Lichtenwaldb
The Dow Chemical Company, aSpring House, PA 19477; bMidland, MI 48674


There is an increasing use of sub-micron and nano particle technologies in consumer and industrial applications. They offer advantages and improved product characteristics compared with larger particles of the same material. As defined herein, sub-micron particle technology has a predominant particle size distribution ranging from 100 to 1000 nm, while nano-particle technology has a predominant particle size distribution ranging less than 100 nm. The latter technology has received scrutiny from regulatory agencies and the press in the personal care industry due to concerns over their potential toxicity. This presentation focuses on submicron particle technologies available at the Dow Chemical Company including mini-emulsion encapsulation, encapsulation through the Ugelstad swelling process, encapsulation through high internal phase emulsions and hollow sphere particles.

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