Invited Speaker: Microencapsulation Using Fluid Bed System and Prilling Techniques, Concepts to Realities, Factors Associated with Process Development.

L. Lee1 and B. Patel
1Vision Processing Technologies, Inc., 220 24th Ave. NW, Owatonna, Minnesota, 55060, USA


Two model microencapsulation applications were presented (fluid bed hot melt particle coating and prilling), for discussion purposes in consideration for scaling up process, from pilot system tests to commercial production unit operations. Factors that associated with pilot tests and scale up, are discussed. Focuses of the discussion will be covered in regarding designing process that gives performance required for controlled release. A beverage flavor system (in powder) is used for demonstration and discussion.

The purpose of this presentation is to illustrate challenges food product developers and process engineers faced for engaging successful use of microencapsulation via fluid bed technologies and prilling (or called spray congealing).

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