Rapid Skin Permeabilization by the Simultaneous Application of Dual-Frequency Ultrasound

Carl M. Schoellhammer, Baris E. Polat, Jonathan Mendenhall, Ruby Maa, Brianna Jones, Douglas P. Hart, Robert Langer, Daniel Blankschtein

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA


A novel ultrasonically based treatment regimen for transdermal drug delivery was developed using the simultaneous use of two ultrasound frequencies. Aluminum foil pitting experiments showed a significant increase in cavitational activity when two frequencies were applied instead of just one low frequency. Additionally, in vitro tests with porcine skin indicated that the permeability and resulting formation of localized transport regions are greatly enhanced when two frequencies (low and high) are used simultaneously. These results were corroborated with glucose (180 Da) and inulin (5000 Da) transdermal flux experiments, which showed greater permeant delivery both into and through the dual-frequency pre-treated skin.

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