Novel orally swallowable IntelliCapTM device guarantee success in MR development by quantitative determination of regional drug absorption in man

Dieter Becker1, Jin Zhang1, Tycho Heimbach1, Hans Zou2, Jeff Shimizu2, Christoph Wanke2

1Novartis Pharma AG, CH-4056 Basel, Switzerland 2Medimetrics Inc., 345 Scarborough Road, Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510, USA


Quantitative regional absorption of diltiazem was studied by using the novel IntelliCapTM system. The IntelliCap capsule is an orally swallowable programmable drug delivery capsule capable of real-time monitoring of physiological conditions (pH, temperature), consequently allowing localization of the capsule over time by the typical and consistent physiological pH profiles in dog and man. The plasma concentration–time profile could then be correlated to drug absorption (AUC) in different gut regions. Diltiazem showed an overall absorption of 84% of the dose in man whereby 55% was absorbed in the colon. This is about 65% of the absorbed drug which is in line with literature ~82%.1



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