Precision fabrication of emulsion-templated structures for encapsulation and release using microfluidics

David Weitz


This talk will describe the use of microfluidic devices to formulate multiple emulsions that are used as templates to create new structures that are suitable for encapsulation and release of active materials. For development purposes, capillary microfluidic devices can be used for very rapid prototyping to create new structures. These devices can be rapidly assembled, and enable the precision creation of highly monodisperse multiple emulsions. These can be structured to very efficiently and robustly encapsulate active materials, and to provide highly controlled release. To fabricate larger scale quantities of these structures, other microfluidic devices are used which can be scaled by numbering-up. This talk will describe the application of these devices to create encapsulation and release structures with applications that vary from cosmetics to resource recovery.

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