Engineering Nano-scale Carriers to Coordinate the In Vivo Delivery of Anticancer Drug Combinations

L. Mayer1,2, B. Liboiron1, D. Cabral-Lilly2 S. Xie1, T. Harasym1, and P. Tardi1

1Celator Pharmaceuticals, Corp., Vancouver, BC, Canada and 2Celator Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Princeton, NJ, USA


Nano-scale liposomes and solid core nanoparticles can be used to enhance the activity of anticancer drug combinations that benefit from simultaneous exposure. Liposomes appear best suited for combinations of water soluble agents whereas prodrug nanoparticles may be necessary to coordinate the in vivo exposure of drug combinations exhibiting disparate physico-chemical properties. Coordinating drug release characteristics from nano-delivery systems can dramatically improve the efficacy of anticancer drug combinations.

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