Influence of tableting on the conformational and thermal stability of a model protein drug

M. Klukkert1, A. Sakmann1, T. Rades2, 3, and C.S. Leopold1

1University of Hamburg, Bundesstra├če 45, 20146 Hamburg, Germany 2University of Copenhagen, Universitetsparken 2, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark 3University of Otago, 18 Frederik Street, 9050 Dunedin, New Zealand


The influence of tableting on the secondary structure and thermal stability of trypsin was investigated. Structural changes were analyzed by aqueous-state FTIR at isothermal conditions and with temperature scans by chemometrics and Boltzmann fitting. It could be shown that tableting alters the secondary structure of trypsin but only subtlety influence its thermal stability.

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