Controlled Release from Core-Sheath Microfibers Fabricated Using a Novel High-Throughput Electrospinning System

Abby Deleault, Quynh Pham, Xuri Yan, Robert Mulligan, John Marini, and Toby Freyman

Arsenal Medical, Inc., Watertown, MA, USA


Core-sheath micro and nanofibers hold significant potential for controlled therapeutic release, especially for delivery of biologics and regenerative medicine applications. However, lack of a scalable process for manufacture has significantly limited interest in product development. A novel slit-fixture was developed for electrospinning core-sheath microfibers at rates 440-fold higher than current needle systems, and is scalable. Successful core-sheath microfiber formation was confirmed by visualization of core-sheath Taylor cones and fiber structure. Controlled and sustained drug release was achieved when drug was encapsulated within a sheath polymer.

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