RNAdjuvant®, a novel RNA-based immunomodulator, combines strong immunostimulatory capacities with a favourable safety profile

Patrick Baumhof, Regina Heidenreich, Birgit Scheel, Söhnke Voss, Karl-Josef Kallen, Mariola Fotin-Mleczek

CureVac GmbH, Tübingen, 72076, Germany


CureVac has developed a novel nanoparticular RNA-based adjuvant formulation with strong immunostimulatory properties. RNAdjuvant® can be combined with different antigenic formats, like recombinant proteins and peptides, resulting in dramatically increased immunogenicity of these vaccines.

Due to its inherent charge and size, the RNAdjuvant® specifically targets professional and semi-professional antigen presenting cells. This specific mode of cell targeting might explain the ability of RNAdjuvant® to elicit ‘balanced immune responses’ comprising humoral and cellular effector responses and, importantly, memory responses.

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