High-throughput, slit-surface, core-sheath electrospinning: Improving the formulation and dissolution of poorly soluble drugs

Quynh Pham, Ellen Fan, Lorraine Ruiz, Joceyln Podyma, Robert Mulligan, and Toby Freyman

Arsenal Medical, Inc., Watertown, MA, USA


Production of solid drug dispersions via electrospinning is one approach to improve formulation of poorly soluble drugs. We have produced core-sheath microfibers containing amorphous dispersion of itraconazole (ITZ) that exhibit enhanced drug solubility with controllable dissolution kinetics by using a novel high-throughput, slit-surface electrospinning process. Our technology overcomes the low production rates associated with eletrospinning and produces core-sheath fibers which further expand drug formulation options significantly.

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