Investigation into the Topical Delivery of Diclofenac into Equine Skin

S. del Rio-Sancho1, D. Concas2, P. Oreste3, G. Zoppetti3, P.H. Briggs4, and Y. N. Kalia1

1School of Pharmaceutical Sciences. University of Geneva. 30 Quai Ernest Ansermet. 1211 Geneva, Switzerland
2Wezen Bio AG. Fondation pour Recherches MĂ©dicales, 64 Avenue de la Roseraie. 1205 Geneva, Switzerland
3Glycores 2000. Via Mac Mahon 43. 20155 Milan, Italy
4Alkhalediah Equine Hospital, Riyadh 11564, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


The aim was to evaluate a novel diclofenac formulation designed to control mild-to-moderate inflammation and pain associated with orthopedic and soft tissue conditions in horses. Delivery from the new formulation was compared to that from a reference product (Surpass®) using skin from five healthy horses. Cumulative permeation and skin deposition were significantly increased with the new formulation. Mathematical modeling showed that this was due to a significant increase in drug partitioning into the skin.

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