Effect of Physical Properties of Enzymatically-Modified Starch Gels on Salt Release of the Gel-Containing Water-in-Oil-in-Water Emulsions

Y.L. Kim, S.H. Mun, S.J. Rho and Y.R. Kim

Center for Food and Bioconvergence and Department of Biosystems & Biomaterials Science and Engineering, Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, 152-742, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea


The physical properties of 4-α-glucanotransferase (4αGTase)-modified rice (MRS) and corn (MCS) starches were examined by measuring the dynamic viscoelasticity to investigate the relationship with their release property in W/O/W emulsion. Gel strength (storage modulus, G’) of MCS was higher than that of MRS at the same level of concentration. Salt release of MRS, MCS gels was delayed with the increase of the gel strength. Also, the difference of gel strength led to different release property of W/O/W emulsions prepared with MRS, MCS gels.   

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