Bioadhesive Double-Walled Nanospheres as an Oral Insulin Delivery Platform

D.Y. Cho1, C. Tian1, K.M Estrellas1, Y.T. Liu1, J.J. Reineke2, S. Furtado1, and E. Mathiowitz1

1Brown University, Providence, RI, 02903, USA; 2Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, 48201, USA.


We present the analysis of our quantitative uptake studies of particle translocation from the small intestine and studies of insulin nanoencapsulation that have guided the development of a potential oral drug delivery platform based on bioadhesive double-walled nanospheres (NS). Using predictive methods, we have determined the theoretical efficacy of our lead formulation, which has the potential to deliver up to 33.54 IU of insulin from a dose of 25 mg of NS.


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