Supersaturated-Self-Emulsifying Nano-Systems for Softgel Capsules

S. Gumudavelli1, 2 and S. Agrawal1

1 Pharmaceutics International Inc (Pii), 10819 Gilroy Road, Hunt Valley, Maryland 21031 USA; 2
Corresponding and Presenting Author. 


This paper describes the design and development of  Supersaturated  SelfEmulsifying  NanoSystem (S-SENS) drug delivery system containing sparingly water soluble compound as a model drug for development of softgel capsules. The Supersaturable Self-Emulsifying NanoSystem was formulated with polar and semi-polar mono and di-glycerides with low and high HLB surfactants. The system was stabilized by one or more water soluble polymers. Preliminary screening was performed to assess the effect of the polymer on physical stability of S-SENS.
Low molecular weight polyvinylpyrrolidone showed best physical stability with emulsification rate less than 30 seconds and a globule size distribution of around 150 nm.

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