About CRS

The Controlled Release Society (CRS) is the premier society worldwide for delivery science and technology. CRS serves more than 1,600 members from more than 50 countries. Two-thirds of CRS membership represents industry and one-third represents academia and government.


CRS is the international, multidisciplinary society dedicated to delivery science and technology.


CRS is just the right size for members to participate in a variety of important activities to advance delivery science and technology.

  • Sponsorship and organization of annual symposia
  • Sponsorship and organization of workshops/short courses
  • Delivery science and technology contributions to the CRS website including webinars
  • Contributions to and publication of the CRS Newsletter
  • Promotion of education and training in delivery science and technology
  • Promotion of worldwide student and international chapters
  • Contributions to and administrative and editorial support for the Journal of Controlled Release and the Drug Delivery and Translational Research Journal
  • Contributions to CRS books
  • Facilitating the development and commercialization of products based on delivery science and technology
  • Advocacy in regulatory affairs


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