2017 CRS Nominations

All members of the Controlled Release Society are invited to take part in shaping the upcoming CRS leadership. 

Descriptions of each position up for the 2017 election are available in the CRS Bylaws. After the nomination period closed, the Nominating Committee reviewed the candidates suggested by both the committee members and the membership at large, and selected final candidates. A ballot is posted with each finalist’s name and biographical information. CRS members have the opportunity to review the ballot, and may petition to add a candidate directly to the ballot, with the sponsorship of at least 30 members. The ballot will then be finalized, and the election will be held in June, with the new officers taking their positions in July.

2017 Nomination Positions


(one member elected to this position)


(one member elected to this position)


(one member elected to this position)


(one member elected for this position) 

Membership Petition Process

Per Article XI, Section 11.2 of the CRS Bylaws, the CRS membership may submit additional nominations by written petition to the CRS Executive Director. Officer duties and descriptions are located in the CRS Bylaws, Article VI 

Petition Criteria

Nominations must include the following information pertaining to the candidate:

1. Officer Position: (President-elect, Secretary, Treasurer-elect, or Director-at-Large)

2. Candidate Nomination to include:

  • Full Name
  • Affiliation
  • Country
  • Primary Track of Interest (Bioactives, C&DP, PSAH)
  • CRS Leadership Experience
  • Special Skills, Experience, Achievements

3. Nominations must be sponsored by at least thirty (30) voting members of CRS.

4. Nominations must be received by May 22, 2017, and submitted to the CRS Executive Director, Amy Hope, ahope@scisoc.org.

At the close of this petition period, the election ballot will be finalized and sent out to the CRS membership to vote upon.

Thank you,

CRS Nominating Committee


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