Consumer & Diversified Products Division


Mission Statement: 

The Consumer & Diversified Products (C&DP) Division is a multi-disciplinary, international group of CRS members dedicated to advancing science, technology, and education in the field of controlled release or delivery of non-pharmaceutical active ingredients. 

This Division promotes controlled release activities in an extensive range of interests beyond those of the pharmaceutical industry. Applications include, but are not limited to, the following:

Application Areas 

Active Materials

Release Challenges

Nutraceutical Flavors Sustained Release
Food Fragrances Delayed Release
Nutritional Enzymes Burst Release
Cosmetic Probiotics Taste Masking
Personal Care Color Agents Oxygen Barrier
Household Products Pesticides Moisture Barrier
Agriculture Fertilizers Insulating Coats
Pest Control Fungicides  
Textiles Reactive Ingredients  
General Industrial Oxidizers  

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