Tablet Manufacture Focus Group

The development of high quality tablet and capsule formulations can be a substantial challenge, because of a broad array of formulation and process variables that can interact in complex ways.

The tablet and capsule manufacture focus group organizes roundtables to discuss formulation issues and manufacture aspects in tableting and capsule production and the processes involved therein. Presentations and Discussions on current topics will provide formulation scientists as well as practitioners from both industry and academia with up to date knowledge on these much-utilized dosage forms and what aspects of development and manufacture will influence their performance, efficacy and quality.


The Tablet Manufacture Focus Group holds a Round Table and Focus Group meeting during the CRS Annual Meeting.

Tablet Manufacture Focus Group Discussion Board

If you are a member of this focus, please login with your CRS username and password. A link to the Discussion Board will appear in the navigation to the left.

Like to be a member of this group?

If you would like to join this group, please contact Cheryl Kruchten at CRS Headquarters to let her know you would like to be involved.



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