Linking Academic Technologies and Techniques to Everyone


LATTE represents a searchable database that describes academic scientific experts within CRS. It provides a rapid mechanism to identify individual academic CRS members who are recognized experts in specific areas of CRS-related technologies and/or who use specific techniques in their research efforts based on fully searchable and standardized research profiles.

Academic and non-academic CRS members can thus easily identify individuals for the purpose of academic or industrial research collaborations, consulting work, expert witness activities and the like.

LATTE is limited to CRS members for participation (provision of profile information) and use (access to the information provided). Become a member to showcase your expertise and /or to access the comprehensive information provided by the database.


If you are already a CRS member, you may create or edit your LATTE profile by clicking HERE.

Search LATTE.

If you are already a CRS member, you may search the LATTE database by clicking HERE.

If you would like to become a CRS member and learn more about membership benefits in general, click HERE.



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