Young Scientists Rountable: Ophthalmic
CRS 20/10 to 20/20 Vision

July 11, Portland, OR

Discussion Facilitator: Raid Alany, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Recent advances in the understanding of the genetics and biology of ophthalmic disease hold the potential to deliver an increasing number of novel ocular drugs to the clinic. However, due to the complexities associated with eye anatomy, as well as management of related diseases, virtually all new therapeutics will require tailored and specialized drug delivery systems. The core of this roundtable was an introduction to the current state, challenges, and emerging solutions in ophthalmic drug delivery systems.The rountable included an overview of ophthalmic anatomy and physiology and brought the audience up-to-date on the various advances in medical materials, polymers, and devices designed to meet the challenges of treating diseases of the anterior and posterior eye.

Young scientists were provided with the opportunity to actively participate in the roundtable and ask questions leading to increased insights, vision of new directions, and, possibly, the birth of new ideas. This roundtable was geared to those new to this exciting area of drug delivery or those with many years of experience.

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