Profile: Adriana Flores

Adriana Flores

I am an assistant professor at Auburn University and a primary focus of my research is the design of innovative nanomedicines for the treatment of different human diseases. I am currently working with peptide-based materials that self-assemble into vesicular nanoparticles. These nano-vesicles have lipid-like properties including solute encapsulation, fusion and resizing. In cancer research, these nanoparticles are able to deliver therapeutic DNA and mRNA vaccines that can prevent or treat certain types of cancer. Aware of the potential positive impacts of transforming bench discoveries into industrial technologies, I helped to establish a biotechnology company, Genetadi Biotech SL, in Bilbao, Spain from 2008 to 2010 and I have been a founding partner since that year. I enjoy teaching, both inside and outside the university and I also like to participate in community services. During my free time I enjoy running, hiking, and watching documentary films about animals.       

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