Invited Speakers

More than 950 abstract submissions, top-notch plenary speakers, an impressive line-up of scientific sessions and exhibits by some of the world's leading companies await you in Honolulu, Hawaii during the 40th Annual Meeting & Exposition of the Controlled Release Society. The following list of invited speakers represent the continuum of delivery science and technology.

Plenary Speakers  

Kenzo Takada
Chairman and Founder, Evec, Inc., Professor Emeritus, Hokkaido University, Japan

Mark Prausnitz
Regents' Professor, Love Family Professor in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, and Director of the Center for Drug Design, Development and Delivery
Georgia Institute of Technology, U.S.A. 

Paula T. Hammond
David H. Koch Professor of Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering and Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S.A.

Scientific Sessions Invited Speakers

The following is the list of invited speakers for the scientific sessions for the 2013 CRS Annual Meeting & Exposition.

Challenges Around Brain Delivery: Sampling Site Issues and Interspecies Extrapolations
Margareta Hammarlund-Udenaes,Uppsala University, Sweeden

Drug Delivery for Developing Countries/Global Challenges
Kim Woodrow, University of Washington, U.S.A.  

Drug Targeting, Pharmacokinetics and Biodistribution: Differences Between Species
Jim Klostegaard, University of Texas, U.S.A.

Emerging Technologies
Dan Luo, Cornell University, U.S.A.

Food, Nutraceuticals and Personalized Diet
Martin Kussmann, Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences SA, Switzerland

Imaging and Characterization Techniques for Drug Delivery: Systems and Targeted Drug Delivery
Karsten Mäder, Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany

Micro- and Nanoparticle Design
David Weitz, Harvard University, U.S.A.

Modern Agriculture and Aquaculture
David Powell, ProFishent Inc., U.S.A.

Personal and Home Care
Jiten Dihora, Procter & Gamble, U.S.A.

Oral CR - Pharmaceutical Formulations, Technologies and Development Strategies
Peter Timmins, Bristol-Myers Squibb, U.K.

Oral CR - Predictive Tools (In Vitro/In Vivo/In Silico)
Sandra Klein, UNI Greifswald, Germany

Parenteral Sustained Release Drug Delivery
Steven Schwendeman, University of Michigan, U.S.A.

Peptide and Protein Delivery
Tarek Fahmy, Yale University, U.S.A.

Processing Technology/Manufacturability
Beth Hill, Johnson & Johnson, U.S.A.

Regional Delivery: Challenges in Ocular Delivery and Pulmonary Delivery
Samir Patel, Clearside Biomedical, U.S.A.

Rising Suns in Asia
Yukio Nagasaki, University of Tsukuba, Japan

RNAi and DNA Delivery
Chae-Ok Yun, Hanyang University, Korea

Smart Building and Construction Materials and Coatings
Henk Jonkers, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Solubilization Technology - A Key Enabler for the Delivery of Poorly Soluble Drugs
Ravi Shanker, Pfizer, U.S.A.

Topical/Transdermal Drug Delivery
Rainer Müller, Freie University Berlin, Germany

Mini Symposia Invited Speakers

The following is the list of invited speakers for the mini symposia for the 2013 CRS Annual Meeting & Exposition

Breakthrough Technologies in Drug Delivery Systems from Asia
Kwangmeyung Kim, KIST
Hirofumi Takeuchi, Gifu Pharmaceutical University, Japan
Zhiyuan Zhong, Soochow University, China

Drug Combination Products
Charlie Boone, University of Toronto, Canada
Lawrence Mayer, Celator Pharmaceuticals Corporation, Canada
Liangfang Zhang, University of California, San Diego

Energy: Problems within the Industry that Controlled Delivery Can Solve
Anne Dalager Dyrli, RESMAN, Norway
Jo Darkwa, University of Nottingham Ningbo, China
James Oxley, Southwest Research Institute, U.S.A.

Hybrid Groups: Bridging the Gap Between Industry and Academia
Karimah Es Sabar, Center for Drug Research and Development, Canada
Patrick Griffin, The Scripps Research Inst., U.S.A.
Bert Klebl, The Lead Discovery Center at Max Planck, Germany

Nanoparticles and Cancer
Michelle Bradbury, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, U.S.A.
Jordan Green, Johns Hopkins University, U.S.A.
Yuanpei Li, University of California-Davis, U.S.A.


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