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With the theme “Advancing Delivery Science & Technology Innovation,” the 2016 Annual Meeting & Exposition promises to be an exciting coming together of an international group of scientific and industry leaders, right in downtown Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. CRS Sponsorship can bring your brand front and center to this important audience—before, during, and after the meeting. With many high visibility opportunities to choose from, we will help you achieve your brand affinity goals.  

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2016 CRS Annual Meeting Sponsorship Opportunities

Closing Reception – $25,000
This unique sponsorship provides all attendees the opportunity to experience the local lifestyle while networking with fellow industry and academic partners. Sole sponsorship provides this sponsor the opportunity to brand all of Pike's Market with its logo.

Wi-Fi – (1) $10,000 or (2) $5,000 each
Your special sponsorship benefits reflect the importance of complimentary Wi-Fi to the success of the CRS Annual Meeting & Exposition. Combined with the Meeting App capabilities, this sponsorship will make the program, exposition events and general information immediately accessible for attendees, with no international charges for most.

Exposition and Poster Grand Opening and Welcome Reception – $7,500 (SOLD)
This event is the official welcome for the 2016 CRS Annual Meeting & Exposition. More than 1,200 attendees and exhibitors come together in the Exposition Hall for an evening of reunions, introductions and refreshments in a festive atmosphere that encourages networking.

Meeting App – (1) $8,500 or (2) $5,000 each
This sponsorship positions your logo recognition in everyone’s annual meeting information found on their mobile device, tablet, laptop and computer. All program, exhibit and abstract information is compiled in the meeting app, giving you widespread visibility. 

Meeting Bags – $6,000
Offering extensive corporate recognition with your logo “carried” throughout the entire meeting and beyond, the attendee bag is given to each registrant with program materials.

Monday Lunch – (1) $10,000 or (2) $5,000 each
This sponsorship provides the opportunity to support networking between exhibitors and attendees. The lunch will be branded for your company logo and a healthy experience will be provided.

Pre-Meeting Workshops (4) – $10,000, $5,000 or $1,000
These workshops are held prior to the meeting. They offer focused presentations on specific topics by noted speakers and are open to a limited number of registrants for an additional fee. As a sponsor, your organization will reach scientific leaders focused on this targeted subject, connect with attendees and industry leaders in a small setting and support the specific science of the workshop and show your company's commitment to it. You may sponsor one or more workshops. See the website for more details on each workshop.

Poster Pub – $7,500 (SOLD)
This new sponsorship provides a laid-back educational opportunity for all meeting attendees to speak with poster authors.

Coffee/Beverage Break Sponsorship – (1) $6,000 or (2) $3,000 each
This sponsorship provides the opportunity to support networking between sessions and encourages all attendees to move throughout the exhibit hall – once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

Lanyards – $6,000 (SOLD)
This sponsorship offers one of the most visible benefits available: your corporate logo on the lanyards that attendees wear with their name badge for the entire 3.5 day meeting.

Mini-Symposia Sponsorship: mRNA Delivery and Clinical Translation – $5,000
This session’s theme of Vaccines and Therapeutics will include three hand-selected speakers who present their work on this topic.

Mini-Symposia Sponsorship: Preclinical Sciences and Animal Health – $5,000
This session’s theme of Developing Therapeutic Options for Combatting Cancer will include speakers to present their work on this topic.

Scientific Sessions (15) – $5,000 each
Scientific Sessions are composed of invited speakers and orals accepted through submitted abstracts that are peer reviewed. Sponsor a session to support the science and have the opportunity to introduce the moderator. This sponsorship must be reserved by February 15.

Women in Science Networking Event – $5,000
A highly popular event, the Women in Science Networking Event sponsor defrays the cost of the speaker and the ticket price, making this event accessible to many. This provides an excellent opportunity for networking and a way for the sponsor to stand out and show support of science and diversity. Your representative is introduced and thanked from the podium and your company materials may be distributed at the event. This sponsorship must be reserved by January 31.

Registration Confirmation – $4,000
Your logo and booth number will appear at the bottom of the registration confirmation email that is sent to all attendees confirming their registration.

Research Highlight Talk Area Sponsorship – $3,500
Your logo will be presented in the dedicated Research Highlight Talk area in the Exposition Hall! 

Attendee Pens – $3,000
Spread company recognition in the hand of every attendee! Provide 1,500 pens with your corporate logo that will be given with registration materials. 

C&DP Luncheon (3) – $1,000
Sponsoring the Consumer & Diversified Products Division annual networking luncheon provides your company an opportunity for networking and a lower ticket price for the event. You will receive visibility at the event and sponsorship benefits. This sponsorship must be reserved by January 31.

Self-Check-In Registration – $3,000
Your logo will appear at the preregistration kiosk for attendees to see when they are checking in.

Young Scientist Networking Event – $3,000
This sponsorship comes with recognition and fun! Each year this event has sold out, be a part of this ever popular night. 

Sponsored CRS Annual Meeting Email Series – $2,600 (SOLD)
Your logo and tagline will appear on a series of meeting emails that are sent to all attendees prior to, during and after the meeting.

Meeting Sponsor – $1,000+
This sponsorship is for the organization wanting to show its support for CRS and gain widespread recognition before, during and after the meeting.

Preclinical Sciences & Animal Health Networking Event (2) – $750 each
Your sponsorship will bring recognition for your organization at this scientific and social session that brings together 50-100 people working in animal health and preclinical studies. This sponsorship must be reserved by January 31.

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