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Mini-Symposia offer in-depth knowledge into a specific area of delivery science and technology, featuring several invited speakers sharing their research on the topic.

View the session description, listing of speakers, and moderator/chairs by clicking on the session name below. Speakers are subject to change.  

Developing Therapeutic Options for Combating Cancer: A “One Health” Challenge for Humans and Dogs

The One Health concept is based upon an appreciation of the inextricable link between animal and human health ( This initiative has revitalized the parallel development of therapeutics and delivery systems for the treatment of diseases common to humans and animals. The Preclinical Sciences & Animal Health Division will conclude a One Health year-long initiative in the CRS Newsletter with a mini-symposium with renowned speakers.

Invited Speakers: Thomas Andresen, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark; and David Vail, University of Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Moderator: Marilyn Martinez, FDA Center for Vet Medicine, U.S.A.
Chair: David Brayden, University College Dublin, Ireland

mRNA Delivery and Clinical Translation for Vaccines and Therapeutics

Over the last couple of years, mRNAs have emerged as a new class of nucleic acid molecules with great promise as therapeutics and vaccines. Potent, safe intracellular delivery of these large RNAs is a key to enabling these molecules as drugs and vaccines. There are some common aspects of delivery between oligonucleotides (e.g., siRNAs) and mRNAs but important differences too. This mini-symposium focuses on mRNA itself, the challenges in delivering mRNA, and current progress in developing delivery systems for mRNA with an emphasis on the potential for clinical translation for vaccines and therapeutics.

Invited Speakers: Heinrich Haas, BioNTech RNA Pharmaceuticals GmbH, Germany; Thomas Madden, Acuitas Therapeutics, Canada; Patrick Baumhof, CureVac, GmbH, Germany

Moderator: Anton McCaffrey, TriLink BioTechnologies, U.S.A.
Chair: Mark Tracy, Tracy BioConsulting, LLC, U.S.A.


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