Overview of the CRS Annual Meeting

The 2015 exhibition, workshops, sessions, and many of the events will be held at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC).


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The People

At the 2014 Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., more than 1,250 attendees gathered from 45 countries to exchange knowledge on emerging topics in delivery science. CRS annual meetings consistently offer a 50:50 industry and academic mix that lays the platform for translation from research to industrial applications. Learn more about who typically attends CRS Annual Meetings.


Roundtable-style networking before and after the scientific sessions.

The Networking

The CRS Annual Meeting brings together exciting and influential people from around the world who recognize the power of in-person networking. CRS attendees take full advantage of organized and impromptu opportunities to interact: C&DP Division Luncheon, CRS President’s Banquet, Exhibit Hall, PSAH Networking Get-Together, Women in Science Luncheon, Soapbox Sessions, Young Scientist Mentor/Protégé Meet and Greet, Young Scientist Networking Event, and more.


Most scientific sessions include multiple speakers to cover the topic from all perspectives.

The Podium Presentations

Invited speakers, graduate students, and industry experts take the stage to deliver a varied program that touches on all aspects of delivery science: pharmaceutical, preclinical sciences and animal health, and consumer and diversified products. In 2014, 118 speakers delivered podium presentations.



The Annual Meeting schedule allows ample time for poster viewing and discussions with authors.

The Scientific Posters

CRS poster authors fill ballrooms year after year with relevant scientific presentations. In Chicago, 500 posters were on display, presenting cutting-edge research from industry, academic and government entities. The CRS Annual Meeting schedule designates time for poster authors to meet with attendees to learn more and make valuable connections.


Knowledge exchange takes place in the Exhibit Hall, too, as attendees discuss their needs and vendors’ solutions.

The Exhibit Hall

The CRS Exposition showcases technology, products, and services from organizations around the world. In 2014, 76 companies set up booths in the Exhibit Hall. Many also participated in “Soapbox Sessions,” a unique format that allows pre-selected organizations to “get up on their soapbox” and deliver a five-minute presentation about new, innovative ideas. Learn more about exhibit, soapbox sessions, technology forums, sponsorship and advertising opportunities for the 2015 Annual Meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland, July 26-29.


C&DP leadership changes hands
during the Annual Meeting.

PSAH experts gather offsite to enjoy a brief presentation and informal networking.

The CRS Divisions

CRS divisions are multi-disciplinary, international groups of CRS members dedicated to advancing science, technology, and education in the following fields:

  • Consumer & Diversified products (C&DP). This division promotes controlled release activities in an extensive range of interests beyond those of the pharmaceutical industry, including encapsulation and controlled release research for food, nutraceuticals, personal care, cosmetics, home care, agriculture, textiles, and coatings. Learn more…
  • Preclinical Sciences & Animal Health. This division provides a platform for collaboration and exploration of the use of animal models in pre-clinical studies, interspecies differences in drug absorption, pharmacokinetics, targeted site drug delivery, and all matters relating to the animal health industry. Learn more…


An outstanding postdoctoral scientist receives the Alexander “Sandy” Florence Postdoctoral Fellowship Award.

The Awards

Each year, CRS presents prestigious awards to those who have contributed to the society and the science. Nominations are accepted all year; however, to be considered for Annual Meeting presentation, must be received by January 31. Award sponsorships are also available, offering a variety of benefits, including logo recognition on the award plaque.



The Society

The Controlled Release Society (CRS) is the premier international, multidisciplinary society dedicated to delivery science and technology. In the constantly and quickly expanding field of delivery science, keeping up with the latest scientific research and technological breakthroughs is crucial. CRS serves members from industry, academia, and government in more than 50 countries worldwide by providing innovative research, targeted networking, and career advancement. Join CRS to network and learn from scientific leaders, investors, and business development professionals who are focused on drug delivery as well as delivery applications in consumer and diversified products and animal health.


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