About the Society

The Controlled Release Society (CRS) is the premier international, multidisciplinary society dedicated to delivery science and technology. In the constantly and quickly expanding field of delivery science, keeping up with the latest scientific research and technological breakthroughs is crucial. CRS serves members from industry, academia, and government in more than 50 countries worldwide by providing innovative research, targeted networking, and career advancement. Join CRS to network and learn from scientific leaders, investors, and business development professionals who are focused on drug delivery as well as delivery applications in consumer and diversified products and animal health.

Our Diversity Is Our Strength

Join us in Chicago for an expansive program designed to cover the discovery, development, and delivery continuum. The Controlled Release Society (CRS) is a unique professional association within the delivery science field. We are a diverse group, both in the work and research we do and in the broad way in which our work is utilized and applied in both pharmaceuticals (including preclinical sciences and animal health) and nonpharmaceuticals (including consumer and diversified products).

I invite you to join us as we work together to address some of the most pressing and challenging issues in delivery science and technology, including fundamental delivery research, development, regulatory science, and clinical translation.

Advance your work and help shape the future of delivery science and technology: attend the 41st Annual Meeting & Exposition of the Controlled Release Society.


Ian Tucker
University of Otago, New Zealand
President, Controlled Release Society



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