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From Seattle to Boston

Dear CRS members, This is my first post as CRS President. I plan to use this new blog as an informal communication tool to keep members up-to-date on Board activities, share some personal thoughts connected to delivery science and technology, and, most importantly, get your feedback and input throughout the year.

We have just finished a great CRS Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA, where over 1,200 delivery science professionals shared great science and connected through various networking activities. I certainly left Seattle with a lot of new energy and many memories from reconnecting with all my good CRS friends. We have already started gathering feedback through the survey and many one-on-one conversations, but if you have any comments, ideas, and/or changes you would like to see for our next meeting, please bring them forward. The 2017 CRS Annual Meeting Program Committee is already working very hard to put together an excellent meeting for Boston, MA, so now is the time to give your feedback and have an impact.

If you could not attend all the presentations you would have liked in Seattle, don’t worry! You will get the chance to view most of them (if allowed by the presenter), as webcasts on the website. They will be posted on our website over the next few months, joining the many presentations from past CRS meetings that can be found in the same location.

Speaking of the website, there is a lot of great delivery science and technology available to you on our website! However, it can sometimes be difficult to find. With this in mind, the Board has decided to improve and reorganize the website in the coming year to make it more user-friendly and interactive. In the future it should be easier for you to find not only meeting presentations, but all the information of interest to you. As we start the process of revising the website, input from all members on what content you would like to see on the website is welcome.

During the Annual Meeting in Seattle, the Board finalised its work on revising our strategic plan. The following four strategic directions are the core of our strategy:

  1. Science: Advance scientific innovation and interchange in the field of delivery science.
  2. People: Build a responsive, relevant, and strong global community.
  3. Products: Deliver high-value products and services (conferences, journals, white papers, webinars).
  4. Structure: Create a governance structure that is inclusive, efficient, and agile.

For each direction, the Board has chosen a few focus areas for 2016–2017, and I am really looking forward to implementing these new ideas during my presidential year. You can find the strategic plan and focus areas for 2016–2017 here.

Hidden Lake, Glacier National Park, MT
After the Seattle meeting, I was lucky to have time for a vacation and to experience many of the beautiful places of the U.S. Pacific Northwest. I hope all of you have had some personal time off to recharge your batteries with a lot of new energy. Hopefully, with that new energy you’ll have some creative ideas and insights on the Annual Meeting, the website, and/or CRS’s overall strategy. Please feel free to send comments/feedback to my blog or e-mail me ( or our CEO, Amy Hope, at headquarters ( Remember CRS is an organization that is built to serve you our members – so let us know what we can do for you!


Thank you Ruth!

It is great to see this new blog.  I also enjoyed Seattle.  Look forward to 2017 in Boston!
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