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Volunteers - The Backbone of CRS
Volunteers NeededVolunteers are the backbone of associations, sports clubs and music corps.
Without volunteers, many organizations would not be able to exist and offer products and benefits to their members. CRS is a member-driven and member-led society and, therefore, has a constant need for new volunteers with varying skills and interests. CRS has several committees and task forces with volunteer members contributing to the implementation of the initiatives in our strategic roadmap. The Board alone would not be able to do all the work required. In addition, CRS has volunteers who are contributing to a successful Annual Meeting, e.g., as moderators, abstract reviewers and session chairs. All of the 2016–2017 committees and task forces have started their work, with many volunteers in action. Thank you all for committing your time and expertise!
Why should CRS members volunteer?
Volunteering is any activity in which people contribute their time, skills and efforts to a cause they believe in, without expecting any compensation. However, what can volunteers themselves gain from participating an activity, in addition to their contribution to the Society? Volunteering contributes to personal development. In addition to intellectual skills (IQ), emotional skills (EQ) have increased in importance in professional life. Volunteering presents an opportunity to develop various emotional skills, e.g., social, active communication, interpersonal relations, multicultural, teamwork and leadership. Volunteering helps you to expand your network, make new friends and gain visibility. Young professionals also can add their volunteering activities to their CVs, which is always good for promotions and job opportunities.
I have personal experience as a long-time volunteer, both in a sports association and in CRS.
Cross-country skiing with CRS Past-President Diane Burgess
Cross-country skiing with CRS
Past-President Diane Burgess
I have worked as a volunteer in several positions – both in the Norwegian Ski Association on national and regional levels (Board member and chair of the Nordic Combined Committee and member of the Law and Prosecution Committee) and in CRS (eight years on the Board as a Board member, Secretary, Treasurer and now President). Volunteering has been personally rewarding for me. It has given me an international network of colleagues around the world with whom I enjoy interacting, catching up and talking about not just science, but also other things of personal interest. As an example, I enjoyed a fantastic week of cross-country skiing in Norway with Diane Burgess, CRS Past-President. Volunteering is fun and a chance to give back to the organizations that are important in my personal and professional lives.
Volunteering is an excellent personal development project and a way to contribute to our Society – Get involved!
If you are interested in contributing to CRS as a volunteer, contact us and tell us about your interests, skills and time. Contact:


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