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Partnerships bridge academic and industry professionals in CRS

In one of my former blog posts, I addressed the various interfaces in CRS as sources of interaction and noted that we should leverage these interfaces more in the future. Especially, I emphasized the interface between our academic and industrial members, which is unique for CRS. At our Annual Meeting, we build a program for our broad membership and cannot dive deep into all topics of interest. CRS is therefore looking into additional, different instruments to add membership value by focusing on specific topics of interest.

Partnership events are an excellent instrument to focus deeply on one specific topic of interest in the delivery science and technology (S&T) field, addressing the main challenges and the best scientific solutions to solve them. Topics may relate to CRS's core area or may be topics, where delivery S&T is relatively new and innovative and could be a game changer in the future. The field of delivery S&T is a highly multidisciplinary field, where collaborations of partners with different expertise are the key to future solutions.

Important attributes for a successful partnership are a shared vision and mission, complementary contributions and skills, mutual trust and a win-win situation for all partners involved.

GSK-CRS Long-Acting Injectables and Implantables Conference

I am very glad that I now can draw your attention to the 1st Annual GSK-CRS Long-Acting Injectables and Implantables Conference, organized in Philadelphia, April 18-19, 2017., a perfect example of academia-industry partnership, addressing a focused topic of interest for many CRS members.

I am looking forward to this and other partnership events in the future, contributing to solve global challenges and add membership value to our members. So, if you are interested in partnering with CRS in a special topic in the delivery S&T field, contact us and tell us about your idea. Contact:


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