Nanocomposites Based On Montorillonite, Chitosan And Silver Sulfadiazine Intended For Wound Healing

G. Sandri1, M. C. Bonferoni1, C. Aguzzi2, P. Cerezo2, F. D’Autilia1, S. Rossi1, F. Ferrari1, C. Viseras2,3, C. Caramella1

1Department of Drug Sciences, University of Pavia, Pavia, 27100, Italy; 2Department of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology, School of Pharmacy, University of Granada, Campus of Cartuja, Granada, 18071 s/n, Spain, 3Andalusian Institute of Earth Sciences (CSIC-UGR), Granada (Spain)


Aim of the work was the development of nanocomposites based on montmorillonite-chitosan to be loaded with silver sulfadiazine, intended for the treatment of chronic skin lesions. Such systems should be administered as powder for cutaneous application. The optimal composition to maximize drug entrapment efficiency has been identified.


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