Invited Speaker: Exploiting the Biology of Microbial Toxins for Protein Delivery

Randall Mrsny
Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology, University of Bath, Bath BA2 7AY UK


Delivery of protein and peptide therapeutics by the oral route is highly attractive not only for its improved convenience but, more importantly, for its ability to deliver active biologics directly to the portal vein following absorption across the intestinal epithelium. Oral delivery has been suggested to have additional advantages relative to subcutaneous (SC) injection: a greater safetyto- efficacy ratio for molecules with targets in the liver and the potential for reduced immunogenicity. Additional potential benefits for oral bio-therapeutic delivery involve general health and safety as well as environmental concerns. Our studies have examined a strategy of emulating certain bacterial toxins to identify a potential approach to achieve the goal of oral protein and peptide delivery. 

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