New Applications of UV Imaging in Stability Testing: Release of Drug from Coated Particles in Pediatric Semi-Solid Dosage Forms

Daniel Bar-Shalom1,2, Sanela Seric1, Patricia Bjørnsholt1, Alexander J. S. Chapman3, David M. Goodall3

1Department of Pharmacy, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Ø, 2100, Denmark; 2Bioneer A/S, Hørsholm, 2970, Denmark; 3Paraytec Limited, York, YO19 5UP, UK


Particles coated to achieve taste concealing and/ or controlled release are suspended in aqueous carriers when administered to pediatric patients. Other than using taste panels, it is difficult to measure the timing of the release in the carrier. Here, the UV imaging technique is used to visualize the release of drug from coated particles in an instant-pudding carrier after hydration. The results indicate that the technique is valuable in visualizing the behavior of the particles and even in quantifying the extent of release without the need to extract the drug.

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