Vaginal Ring Configurations for the Simultaneous Delivery of Dapivirine and Levonorgestrel

Susan .M. Fetherston1, Peter Boyd1, Ian Major1, Brid Devlin2, Jonathon Holt2, and R. Karl Malcolm1

1School of Pharmacy, Queen’s University Belfast, Belfast, BT9 7BL, UK; 2 International Partnership for Microbicides, Silver Spring, MD, 20910, USA


New multi-purpose prevention technology (MPT) products that prevent both unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are required to address women’s reproductive health needs. Here, various vaginal ring (VR) designs are described that provide controlled release of dapivirine, a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI) being developed as an HIV microbicide, and levonorgestrel, a contraceptive agent.

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