Mass Spectrometry for Comprehensive Characterization of Controlled Release Systems

S. E. Borgos1, A. Brunsvik1, A. Kristiansen2, F. Männle2, Ý. Mørch1, R. Schmid-Baumberger1, K. Vernstad1, K. Zahlsen1

1SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, Sector Biotechnology and Nanomedicine, Trondheim, N-7465, Norway; 2 SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, Sector Materials and Nanotechnology, Oslo, N-0314, Norway


Characterization of nanomaterials for controlled release, including their synthesis and interactions with biological systems, places special requirements on the analytical techniques to be applied. As will be demonstrated here, mass spectrometry (MS), is suited for a variety of analyses on controlled release systems, particularly when coupled to online separation techniques like liquid chromatography (LC) or field flow fractionation (FFF). High-confidence quantification of surplus reactants, direct analysis and structure elucidation of functionalized nanoparticles, and quantification of both particle components and payload in nanomedical drug delivery system are given here as examples from the SINTEF MS laboratory.

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