Invited Speaker: Targeting DNA hypermethylation by nanomedicine for acute myeloid leukemia therapy

Fei Yan, Na Shen, Jiuxia Pang, and Shujun Liu

The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota, 801 16th Ave NE, Austin, MN


Owing to the crucial contribution of promoter DNA hypermethylation to AML leukemogenesis and the dismal outcomes from DNA hypomethylating agent-based therapy, innovative liposome (Lip)- or lipopolyplex (LPs)- based nanocarriers for the delivery of bortezomib, miR-29b and Sp1 siRNA were developed. When leukemia cells were treated with these nano-drugs, DNA methyltransferases were downregulated, global DNA methylation was reduced, and tumor suppressor genes were re-expressed with a reduction of their promoter DNA methylation, thereby leading to the blockage of leukemia cell growth in vitro and the induction of leukemia regression in vivo.

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