Studies on Liposome, Gel and Lipogelosome Formulations Containing Sodium Hyaluronate

İsmail Aslan1, Gülengül Duman1, A.Yekta Özer2, Alpay Taralp3 and İbrahim İnanç3

1 Yeditepe University, Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutics, 26 Agustos Campus, Kayisdagi Street, Atasehir, 34755, Istanbul, Turkey; 2 HacettepeUniversity, Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Radiopharmacy, 06100 Sıhhiye, Ankara, Turkey; 3 Sabanci University, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Tuzla 34956, Istanbul, Turkey,


The aim of this study is to develop a delivery system which is containing sodium hyaluronate (Na-HA) for skin hydration, with high loading capacity and stable Na-HA encapsulation. The
optimum liposome formulation (L 37) composed of Phospholipon (PL) 100H: Stearylamine (SA): Cholesterol (CHOL) (7:1:2) was prepared by the method of thin film hydration, then L 37 formulation was incorporated into the Carbopol derivative Ultrez 21 (U 21) gel with 1:1 (w/w) ratio
(LG 8). After liposome characterization (mean particle size, encapsulation capacity, liposome type, zeta potential and polydispersity index) determinations, Na-HA release from the liposomes (L 37), lipogelosome (LG 8) and commercial product (CP) containing Na-HA was studied. LG 8 lipogelosome formulation with U 21 containing Na-HA formulation has longer release than L 37 and CP of Na-HA1.


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