Single-File Diffusion of Protein Drugs through Cylindrical Nanochannels

Jeong-A Yang1, Seung Yun Yang2, Gumhye Jeon2, Jin Kon Kim2*, and Sei Kwang Hahn1*

1Department of Material Science & Engineering, 2Department of Environmental Science & Engineering and Chemical Engineering, Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), Kyungbuk 790-784, Korea


A new drug delivery device using cylindrical block copolymer nanochannels was successfully developed for controlled protein drug delivery applications. According to the hydrodynamic diameter of the protein drugs, the pore size in cylindrical nanochannels could be controlled precisely down to 6 nm by Au deposition. Zero-order release of bovine serum albumin (BSA) and human growth hormone (hGH) by single-file diffusion was realized for up to 2 months without protein denaturation. Furthermore, a nearly constant release of hGH from the drug delivery nanodevice implanted to Sprague Dawley (SD) rats was demonstrated longer than 3 weeks, reflecting the feasibility for long-term controlled delivery of therapeutic protein drugs.


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