Enhanced Drug Delivery and Therapeutic Effect for Lung Cancer Using NO Releasing Agent (ISDN) and SMANCS Administered via the Bronchial Artery: Experiences with Unresectable Advanced Bronchogenic Cancer

H. Maeda1, K. Greish1*, and A. Nagamitsu2*

1Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sojo University, 4-22-1, Ikeda, Kumamoto, 860-0082, Japan; 2Hakuaikai Hospital, Kumamoto, Japan hirmaeda@ph.sojo-u.ac.jp 


SMANCS, (styrene-maleic acid) copolymer conjugated neocarzinostatin, has been used in Japan for treatment of hepatoma. SMANCS in Lipiodol formulation (SX/Lpd) is administered via the hepatic artery, or the tumor feeding artery. For lung cancer, SX/Lpd can be administered via the bronchial artery. For the enhancement of EPR- effect, we examined the NO-releasing agent, isosorbide dinitrate (ISDN), in the advanced lung cancer patients and the clinical effect of SX/Lpd was evaluated. This procedure was found beneficial.


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