Multifunctional Cargo Systems: Polyelectrolyte Based Multilayer Microcapsules

G.B. Sukhorukov1, M. Bedard1, A.G. Skirtach2, O. Kreft2, A. Muñoz Javier3, B.G. de Geest4, W.J. Parak5

1School of Engineering and Material Sciences, Queen Mary University of London, E1 4NS, London, UK; 2MPI of Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam, 14424, Germany; 3Center for Nanoscience, LM University, Munich, Germany; 4Department of Pharmaceutics, Ghent University, 9000 Ghent, Belgium; 5Department of Physics, Philipps University Marburg, Marburg, Germany.


Layer-by-layer assembled capsules are owing to their ability to encapsulate a wide range of chemicals, for their permeability to be modified and their responsiveness to different factors and functionalities to be tailored in one capsule entity. Current research leads to the fabrication of carriers with remote guiding and activation by optical, magnetic and ultrasound addressing, what envisages unique applications as multifunctional biomaterials invivo. Submicron sized capsules are good model to mimicking bio-chemical processes in a confined geometry imitating cell organelles, whilst delivered inside cell and tissues the capsules could serve as intracellular reporter or enzymatic reactor.

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