Strategic Plan


Advancing delivery science and technology to solve global challenges





Advance scientific innovation and interchange in the field of delivery science. 


Build a responsive, relevant, and strong global community


Deliver high-value products and services

  • Conferences
  • Journals
  • White Papers
  • Webinars


Create a governance structure that is inclusive, efficient, and agile

 Focus Areas for 2016-2017

SCIENCE: Strengthen the annual meeting to be the best in delivery science

The Annual Meeting is CRS’s premier place to showcase excellent science and bring together scientists from around the globe. Focus in the coming years will be on enhancing the annual meeting program to be the best in delivery science by presenting cutting-edge advancements that are relevant to those working in industry, academia, and government. We will offer multiple styles of learning, low cost networking opportunities, and an integrated exhibition concept.

PEOPLE: Capitalize on technology to increase global access to our science, add member value, and engage the community

CRS is a member organization that serves a global community. Use of various channels to increase
members’ access to content will be the main focus in the coming years. A broad library of content
including a vital website, the CRS Newsletter, white papers, webinars, educational e-media, and the
journal DDTR will be built. Streaming of selected annual meeting presentations to chapters will be
pursued. Communities of Practice will be created to facilitate interaction among scientists in special
areas of CRS.

PRODUCTS: Design a sustainable financial model

Financial sustainability of our society is of utmost importance to have the freedom to act on all our
initiatives in the global arena. Therefore, we need to diversify revenue sources beyond the annual
meeting. Focus the next year will be on creating and launching two new products for target audiences
and creating a viable meeting model for outside the U.S.

STRUCTURE: Build an accountable, responsive, and effective committee structure

CRS is built on engaged volunteers. Good communication and an effective, responsive committee
structure are of high importance in order to leverage the volunteer resources and expertise. We will
have an annual call for open volunteer positions and a process for optimal volunteer placement. Focus the next year will be on reviewing and, if needed, revising the current committee structure as well as communicating clear charges and deadlines to our committees and task forces.

 CRS Strategic Roadmap


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