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Career Building

The Young Scientist Committee (YSC) are committed to offering career guidance and support, via various mechanisms, such as the Mentor Protégé scheme, to our educational Webcasts:

To learn more about how we can support you and your career steps and aspirations, check out the CRS Careers site. 


The Young Scientist Committee (YSC) strives to provide students, early career scientists and professionals, cutting edge information and opinion on the delivery of bioactives via a series of events: 
  • Workshops (more below)
  • "Get Up, Get Educated" Session (more below)
  • Roundtable Session  (more below)
  • Webcasts
  • Networking Socials


The workshops are based on a full day or half-day format and take place either on the Saturday and/or Sunday morning before the official start of the CRS Annual Meeting and Exposition.
Typically, they start with a theoretical introduction to the scientific area, followed by several lectures designed to explore various aspects in greater detail or to highlight established and/or new technologies in the field. They may also touch on analytical, regulatory or patenting aspects of drug delivery system development. 
Examples of scientific workshops organized by the Young Scientist Committee include “Patents” (2009), “Microencapsulation” (2009), “Poorly Solubles ” (2010), and  “True Stories” Career Development (2010). 

Get Up, Get Educated

Throw back the sheets, gulp down some coffee and head off to your early morning opportunity to learn something new!
These 60-minute sessions aim to provide a “Heads Up” on a particular topic and are essential for all those wanting a broad overview or introduction to a new area. 
Previous topics include the “Non-Parenteral Delivery of Peptides” (2009), the  “Parenteral Delivery of Peptides” (2009) and “How to Write a Paper” (2010).  For further details from the highly successful “How to Write a Paper” presentation in Portland, please click here.

Roundtable Session

This is a relative new format which can take different forms depending whether it is applied to scientific subjects or career-development ones. 
The common theme is a focus on discussion and audience participation as opposed to passive listening. 
In Portland 2010, the Roundtable on Ocular Delivery provoked a lively discussion on the unmet needs of patients with chronic diseases of the eye and the challenges of delivering drugs to the ocular region. Click here for details.


The CRS offers its members free access to webcasts on a variety of scientific and professional topics. 
Some of these webcasts are based on previous Young Scientist events or have been developed at the request of the Young Scientist Committee.
If you are a CRS member and want to view the webcasts currently available, please click here.


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