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Scientific Training

The CRS offers Young Scientists educational opportunities in the form of workshops, discussion sessions, presentations and webcasts that are designed to provide a basic introduction and overview of topics and technologies of interest to  scientists in the field of drug delivery .
All conference based events are free to those attending the CRS Annual Meeting and Exposition, while the webcasts can be accessed free-of-charge to CRS members.
For more details please see our activities and events page.

Career Development

The CRS offers Young Scientists career-building opportunities at the Annual Conference and Exposition and all year round. 

Conference Based Initiatives

An example of a professional development event at the Portland conference was the “True Stories” workshop.  At this event speakers from academia, company research and development departments and those who had moved into non-scientific roles within industry shared their experience of building a career. For more details about this workshop, please see the activities and events page.  
An example from the 2009 Copenhagen conference was a Roundtable session where Young Scientists had the opportunity in a small group format to question eminent members of academia and industry about jobs, career paths and their top tips for a fulfilled professional life.

All-Year-Round Initiatives

One of the most successful CRS Young Scientist initiatives is the Mentor and Protégé Program.  This program pairs a Young Scientist with a more experienced Mentor for a period of one year and provides training and orientation sessions for Mentor Protégé pairs at the Annual Conference.  It has its own dedicated website and is managed by the Young Scientist Mentor Protégé Sub-committee.



The Young Scientist Committee is committed to providing accessible networking events to our members as we believe it is really important to be able to meet, interact and exchange ideas with other CRS members, both other Young scientists as well as the wider CRS community. This kind of interaction is often an important part of career development – a great way to develop a network of contacts and to scope out future career options.  Following the success of the Brewery Networking Night in Portland in 2010, we plan to organize further such events at each CRS Annual Meeting. Please click on the Social Blog and Event Calendar for further details.  
The committee also maintains the CRS Young Scientist LinkedIn group. Joining this group means networking and dialogue can continue throughout the year, and also means members can hear first about what's coming up and can contribute ideas and feedback.

Young Scientists Blog

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