CRS 2013 Soapbox Sessions

CRS Innovation Sunday, July 21, 2013

Generously co-sponsored by Catalent

• Deliver a presentation to launch your innovations!
• Attend to explore the hottest advancements!
• Come prepared to make connections at the CRS Soapbox Sessions!

What is a Soapbox Session?

The Soapbox Session is an opportunity for an individual or company “to get up on your soapbox” to present new ideas, products, and services. This session is a very well-attended session for telling and learning what’s new. Best of all, it is FREE!

Who attends?

Big Pharma, biotechs, product formulators and licensing officers, venture capitalists, technology transfer offices, universities – in essence, anyone and everyone who has an interest in exploring the hottest innovations and tools.

Who presents?

Entrepreneurial start-ups, industrial and academic, commercial and not yet commercial; young companies, university spin-offs, exhibitors – in essence, anyone with a great, new idea.

“The Soapbox Session was very well organized and provided an excellent opportunity for networking!” -- 2012 Soapbox Presenter

How does it work?

  • Presentations are listed in the 2013 CRS Annual Meeting Program and publicized prior to the annual meeting.
  • A session is made up of five to seven fast-paced presentations, five minutes or less in length
  • Three to four sessions are planned
  • Discussion breaks are scheduled between each session in order to:
  • soapbox sessions

    • Allow speakers and audience members to meet informally after presentations
    • Ask and answer questions
    • Exchange greater detail about products and services
    • Establish leads
    • Exchange business cards
    • Get recognized
    • Develop partnerships
    • Secure financial support

Selection Criteria

Demand for the Soapbox Sessions is high, therefore applications with the best likelihood of acceptance will best meet the selection criteria. Priority will be given to:

  1. NEW and innovative technologies and tools
  2. Subjects highly correlated with the focus of the meeting
  3. Early-stage and/or under-funded companies
  4. First-time participating companies
  5. Organizations with no other participation in the CRS program
  6. Earlier submission dates

To Apply

Complete the following application. All Soapbox Session presenters are required to be registered as CRS annual meeting attendees. CRS Annual Meeting registration opens March 2013.

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