Exposition Hall

The Exposition is home to discovery, solutions, opportunities and refreshments! Kicking off with our Sunday evening Exposition Grand Opening and Welcome Reception. The exhibit hall will also be open Monday and Tuesday as the central hub for networking during program breaks.

Thank you to all those who will be joining us in Boston this July!

Absorption Systems Booth: 207
Adhesives Research/ARx, LLC Booth: 419
Advanced Polymer Materials Inc Booth: 517
Agilent Technologies Booth: 511
Akina, Inc.: PolySciTech Division Booth: 501
American Pharmaceutical Review Booth: 222A
Anton Paar USA Booth: 514
Ascendia Pharmaceuticals LLC Booth: 224
Ashland Booth: 406
Avanti Polar Lipids Inc Booth: 208
BioDuro Booth: 318
Biomatrik Inc Booth: 625
Capsugel Booth: 320
Catalent Pharma Solutions Booth: 409
Celanese Booth: 314
Corbion Purac Biomaterials Booth: 413
CordenPharma Booth: 405
CoreRx Booth: 212
DATA Detection Technologies Booth: 613
DigiM Solution LLC Booth: 508
Dissolution Technologies Booth: 615A
Dolomite Microfluidics Booth: 316
Drug Development & Delivery Booth: 615B
DURECT Corporation/LACTEL Absorbable Polymers Booth: 408
Elsevier BV Booth: 513
Evonik Corporation Booth: 311
FlackTek Inc Booth: 313
Foster Delivery Science Booth: 614
Freund-Vector Corp Booth: 403
Gattefosse Corporation Booth: 404
Gaylord Chemical Company Booth: 203
IMA North America, Inc. Booth: 204
Innopharma Technology Booth: 623
Integral BioSystems LLC Booth: 507
IPEC-Americas Booth: 621
JenKem Technology Booth: 505
KORSCH America, Inc. Booth: 317/319
Lipoid LLC Booth: 315
Logan Instruments Corp Booth: 223
Malvern Instruments Booth: 503
Microfluidics International Corporation Booth: 411
MilliporeSigma Booth: 412/414
Oakwood Labs Booth: 415
Patheon Booth: 220
Pharmaceutical Technology Booth: 615C
PharmaCircle Booth: 402
Phosphorex Inc Booth: 619
Pion Inc. Booth: 214/216
PolyMicrospheres Booth: 210
Polymun Scientific Immunbiologische Forschung GmbH Booth: 410
Powder Systems Limited (PSL) Booth: 206
Precision NanoSystems Inc. Booth: 211/213
ProMed Pharma Booth: 516
Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. Booth: 401
Simulations Plus, Inc. Booth: 202
Sirius Analytical Inc Booth: 617
SOTAX Booth: 201
Southwest Research Institute Booth: 205
Spraybase Booth: 312
Springer Booth: 506
Surface Measurement Systems Booth: 509
Suven Life Sciences Limited Booth: 515
Teledyne Hanson Research Booth: 407
Texture Technologies Booth: 209
The Medicine Maker Booth: 222B
TissueGen Inc Booth: 510
Ursatec Verkung GmbH Booth: 504
Wyatt Technology Corporation Booth: 518
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