Women in Science Networking Event

Don't miss this popular event, which provides an insightful and informational presentation along with ample time for networking. This year's featured speaker is plenary speaker, Paula T. Hammond, MIT, Department of Chemical Engineering. 

Research and Life Matters: Seeking Passion and Sanity in Career

Tuesday, July 18 from 4:30 - 6:00 p.m.

*Additional registration, payment, and ticket required.


Paula T. Hammond

MIT, Department of Chemical Engineering

Scientific and engineering careers provide some of the greatest outlets for creativity, discovery, and fulfillment. Although there are many challenges to seeking a career in a field that can be both inspiring and, at times, discouraging, there are also strategies and perspectives that can help provide grounding and leverage efforts toward success. Flexibility is essential in the ways in which we connect research, life, career, family, and other passions at different stages of life. These and any other issues regarding research or broader aspects of career will be discussed.

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