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Research in Brazil

Since its establishment in October 2019, the CRS Brazilian Local Chapter has accounted for approximately 150 members among students, young scientists, lectures, professors and industry members. The Brazilian Local Chapter aims to bring together academia and industrial scientists in the area of controlled release and nanotechnology throughout the country. We promote local meetings and conferences, organize outreach activities, share scientific content, promote the dissemination of the Brazilian research and announce open scholarships and job opportunities in the area of controlled release.


To create the CRS Brazilian Local Chapter, researchers in the area who were participating in the Microencapsulation Symposium, held in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, from September 24 to 27, 2019, met on the 26th. The meeting was supported by Bruno Sarmento, from Spain-Portuguese Local Chapter and conducted by Renata Lopez. Having a complete support from the audience, a proposed board for the Brazilian Chapter was established. To present the Chapter to controlled release community, a meeting was held during the 12o International Congress of Pharmaceutical Sciences (CIFARP), in Ribeirao Preto, São Paulo, Brazil, on November 8th, 2019. CIFARP is the largest and most important event in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Brazil. Interested participants were informed about the Chapter's objectives and some of the activities for 2020 were proposed at that meeting.


We have recently fostered the “Greater visibility to your research” initiative for the dissemination of Brazilian research in the area of controlled release. The main objective of this initiative is to make society and authorities aware of the role and importance of scientific research in nanotechnology and drug delivery systems. From March to July 2020, we are receiving three-minute videos from participants, and the winner will be announced and receive an award after video evaluations by a committee of professors associated with the chapter. To know more about this initiative, you can access www.brazilcrs.com/news-%26-events.

Our chapter is also promoting the II International Conference of Nanoscience and Nanobiotechology (II ICONNANO) (https://www.iconnano.com). A special discount of 30% on registration fee has exclusively been available for members of the Brazilian Local Chapter. The conference will take place at the University of Brasília in Brasília. Due to the security measures imposed by the Ministry of Health in Brazil to contain the spread of the coronavirus, the event, which would be held between 25th and 27th March, was postponed, with a new date not yet disclosed.

CRS Travel Awards to attend the 2020 CRS Annual Meeting was granted to three young scientists in February 2020. We received 34 abstracts, and the winners were selected based on the excellence of the submitted abstracts and academic career. You can check in our website the young scientists that won the 2020 CRS Travel Award promoted by the Brazilian Local Chapter, accessing https://brazilcrs.com/news-%26-events/f/2020-crs-travel-grant-winners.


Our local chapter has also been programming others scientific and outreach activities for next mid-term. The Drug Delivery Forum – How to Turn the Ideal Drug into a Real Medicine has been organized to strengthen the relationship between academia and industry in the area of drug delivery. It will be held in Ribeirão Preto / SP, probably at the beginning of August.

We are also enthusiastically planning a satellite meeting in the V Congress of Brazilian Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences – ABCF, in Goiás, GO (http://www.abcf2020.com.br/abcf2020). The focus of this Brazilian Local Chapter meeting will be the Advances in Drug Delivery to the Brain. The brain presents a great barrier to the penetration of drugs, making it difficult to treat many neurological diseases. Conferences will address the development of drug delivery systems to overcome this barrier and increase the bioavailability of drugs in the brain. In addition to the conferences, young scientists in the field will have the opportunity to present and discuss their research with the drug release community.

As we consider of upmost importance the approximation and awareness of society and the Brazilian authorities on the importance of research in drug delivery systems and nanotechnology in our country, we have designed preps, didactic materials and playful lectures about these topics for critical medicine users (such as elderlies) for the understanding of the commercial products based on modified-release technology and their correct administration as well as for high and medium school students aiming to arouse their interest about science and research. This initiative will mostly be performed by graduate and undergraduate students in all range of activities (from preparation of materials to giving lectures at schools, elderly homes and non-governmental organizations according to the demand).

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