Young Scientists BackToBasics - Make your CV shine By Jamie Lam


Young Scientists BackToBasics - Make your CV shine By Jamie Lam

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The average time spent looking at a CV is 5-7 seconds and the first job application is received 200 seconds after a job is posted. Having a CV that effectively represents you as the right candidate for the job is the key to success. The ‘Make your CV Shine’ seminar was part of the Young Scientists BacktoBasics series, hosted by the CRS Young Scientist Committee in May 2020. Two virtual sessions were successfully held globally with over 500 registrations. The sessions aimed to improve young scientists’ soft skills that can assist their career progression and employability.

Seven speakers from both academia and industry were invited to the sessions. They generously shared their insights on writing a scientific CV and what they would look for in a CV as employers. The sessions were followed with questions submitted by the audience, which led to engaging discussions. The speakers cleared up some confusions such as the correct approach to write a CV if the applicant has limited publications and how detailed the CV should be. At the end of the sessions, the speakers also gave feedback and valuable comments on sample CVs provided by the audience.

There is no such thing as a perfect CV but there are ways to tailor a CV to each job application. The compact 1-hour session allowed young scientists to learn about the essentials of writing a CV and tips to make their CV stand out.

Invited speakers:

(Session 1)

Prof. Avi Schroeder (Technion, Israel)

Dr Ana Ruiz (Metrum Research Group, USA)

Prof. Anja Boisen (DTU, Denmark)

Dr Vincent J. Nebot Carda (Polypeptide-based industry, Spain)

(Session 2)

Prof. Ratnesh Jain (Institute for Chemical Technology, India)

Prof. Benjamin Boyd (Monash University, Australia)

Dr Manuel Sanchez-Felix (Novartis, USA)

We would like to thank our speakers for coming to the sessions and giving young scientists valuable information they needed from a wide variety of perspectives.

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