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CRS is the home for experts dedicated to delivery science, including delivery scientists, engineers, clinicians, and technical professionals. CRS members are creating the future of delivery science and technology through fundamental delivery research, development, regulatory science, and clinical translation. Research published in CRS journals and presented during the Annual Meeting & Exposition offers a breadth of scientific knowledge covering new technologies and science in the multi-disciplinary delivery field.

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CRS 2021 Annual Meeting

Drug Delivery and Translational Research (DDTR)

Inspirational Note

Inspirational Note from Dr. Marianne Ashford, Senior Principal Scientist in Glocal Advanced Drug Delivery Group in Pharmaceutical Sciences at AstraZeneca "Drug delivery - the increasing momentum"  

"In this 'Inspirational Note' you will be inspired by the way industry sees advances in drug delivery and Nanomedicine. Dr. Marianne Ashford talks about the 'increasing momentum'. You should not miss this note if you are interested in translational research." -Prof. Maria José Alonso, Editor-in-Chief of the Drug Delivery and Translational Research (DDTR) Journal, Past President of the Controlled Release Society

Latest Issue of DDTR: 22nd International Symposium on Microencapsulation Special Issue

December 2020: Emerging Trends in Nano- and Microencapsulation Science

Best Paper of the December 2020 Issue of DDTR: Convection-enhanced delivery of liposomal drugs for effective treatment of glioblastoma multiforme

Summary: Convection-enhanced delivery (CED) is developed to infuse drugs directly into the brain using a catheter with a continuous positive pressure, thus overcoming the limitations of intravascular delivery such as blood-brain barrier. However, tissue distribution and retention of the infused drugs in the brain are significantly hindered by microenvironmental factors of the brain such as the extracellular matrix and lymphatic drainage system. In this work, we precisely engineered liposomal formulations to improve the therapeutic efficacy of CED for the treatment of glioblastoma. We found that PEGylated liposomal formulations incorporated with cationic lipids at the proper molar ratio exhibited specific cellular uptake in the glioblastoma cells in vitro, and efficient tissue distribution and retention in the brain tumor after CED. We believe that liposomal drugs engineered based on the biophysical properties of disease microenvironments will be widely used to improve the therapeutic efficacy of CED for the treatment of brain diseases.

2019 DDTR Best Paper of the Year: Depletion of collagen by losartan to improve tumor accumulation and therapeutic efficacy of photodynamic nanoplatforms

The Best Paper is chosen by the DDTR Editorial Board.

2019 CRS Nanomedicine and Nanoscale Delivery (NND) Best Paper of the Year: Tumor growth inhibition by mSTEAP peptide nanovaccine inducing augmented CD8+ T cell immune responses

2019 DDTR CRS Oral Drug Delivery Focus Group Paper of the Year Award: Loratadine self-microemulsifying drug delivery systems (SMEDDS) in combination with sulforaphane for the synergistic chemoprevention of pancreatic cancer



Editor-in-Chief Article

Drug Delivery and Translational Research is a journal published by CRS, providing a unique forum for the scientific publication of high-quality research that is exclusively focused on translational aspects of drug delivery. The journal is published 6 times a year and will be available online to CRS members as part of their annual dues.

Drug Delivery and Translational Research Editors

Drug Delivery and Translational Research Editorial Board



Women In Science

Annual Meeting Women In Science Keynote 

Women in Science

The CRS WIS ran two very successful sessions during the virtual CRS2020 Annual Meeting. Prof. Alonso delivered a very inspirational talk about her career in science that prompted a lively Q&A session where participants could ask their questions live, triggering a collegial and warm atmosphere. We are super proud to announce that this year we had over 150 participants of different nationalities and seniorities, of which a fair amount were men, which we warmly welcome. This allowed a virtual mingling with women CRS past presidents, past Women in Science Award Winners, and peers.

Thank you all for making these sessions an outstanding success and especially thanks to Prof. Alonso for willingly sharing her legacy in science and her path to get there. We are looking forward to welcoming your ideas and experiences and to keep us all engaged. Please contact Ruth Schmid with any questions. We also hope to see you face-to-face in Montreal in 2021!