The overarching goal of the parent society, Controlled Release Society (CRS) is to grow and maintain successful relationships with local scientists through collaborative, open partnerships, strong communication and clearly defined level of services that the Society and Chapters will provide to members.

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Local Chapters

Looking to expand your local network of scientists in the field of delivery science? Join a local chapter to attend additional meetings and hear outstanding guest speakers. The purpose of CRS Chapters is to promote and stimulate local involvement in the delivery science community, enhance delivery science through collaboration, provide local networks, and to introduce at a local level the benefits of CRS membership. International Local Chapters act as resources for CRS-hosted meetings and events, topical workshops, webinars and other scientific-based educational opportunities, by providing insight and scientific content.

International Chapter Committee

The International Chapter Committee was implemented in 2019 for one representative from each Local Chapter to participate in a monthly call to help develop strategies to better engage and leverage Chapters through; improved communications, connection and participation in local, regional, and global activities, secure local sponsorship, endorsement of CRS membership, assist with inviting international speakers to participate in local/regional meetings. 

Questions? Interest in starting a new Chapter? Contact CRS Board Liaison for Local Chapters, Bruno Sarmento

Join a Local Chapter

Chapters can be named after a city, region, territory or country.