CRS is an international hub for translational science, product development and regulatory issues related to delivery science and technology. Delivery science and technology are used by a diverse range of industries to produce new products with enhanced performance. This is reflected in the membership two thirds of which work in industries as varied as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agrochemical and consumer products.

Throughout the year, CRS organizes a high quality program of conferences and workshops showcasing cutting edge developments in the field, training the next generation of scientists, and providing invaluable networking opportunities to promote collaboration and partnering.  In addition to opportunities to exhibit, at the annual meeting companies have the opportunity to present at Soapbox sessions, host Technology Workshops, participate in panel discussions with industry leaders, and use CRS Partnering to pre-arrange meetings with potential clients, collaborators and partners.

Partnering with CRS

Collaborate. Connect. Innovate. Be a part of the premier event in delivery science and technology.

Exhibit and sponsorship opportunities are available at many levels. Industry awareness begins with your products and services to advance delivery science.