YSC Workshops

Educational workshops take place before the official start of the CRS Annual Meeting & Exposition.

Scientific workshops typically start with a theoretical introduction to the scientific area by several speakers. These workshops are designed to explore various aspects in greater detail or to highlight established and/or new technologies in the field. They may also touch on analytical, regulatory, intellectual property or commercial aspects of drug development. Past scientific workshops organized by the YSC include:  

  • Microencapsulation 
  • Poor solubles
  • Fundamentals of controlled release drug delivery: Physiochemical and biological aspects
  • Commercializing ideas from academia: past lessons and current challenges
  • Novel technologies in solubility enhancement
  • Evolution of controlled release
  • Choosing the best animal model for your drug delivery studies
  • Trends in protein delivery
  • The rise, and rise, of precision medicine
  • Entrepreneurship and what you need to know
  • Nanomedicine from bench to bedside

Professional development workshops provide a basic introduction and overview of key topics that can help advance your career. Past professional development workshops included:  

  • Patents 
  • How to write great papers
  • Writing a successful grant application
  • The science of publishing
  • True stories in career development
  • Communication and networking - How to develop and utilize these skills for career success
  • Protecting your innovation - Key concepts in intellectual property
  • Finding your career edge
  • CV and interview techniques